Evan Bingham

Registered Piano Technician

About Me

Welcome music lovers!
My name is Evan Bingham and I'm a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician's Guild. You can learn more about what it takes to become a Registered Piano Technician here.
Since moving to Columbus I have been very fortunate to have tuned for so many amazing people at a vast diversity of venues. These include theatres, outdoor/indoor music festivals, churches, recording studios, nursing homes, schools, and pretty much anywhere else one can fit a piano.

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree from Cornerstone University with emphasis on jazz guitar and piano in 2006.

  • Graduated from the Chicago School of Piano Technology in 2008.

  • Passed all three RPT exams by 2009.

  • Employed by Columbus's only authorized Steinway Dealer Graves Piano & Organ Co. 2011-2021.


Rather than just performing a simple tuning at each home visit, I plan extra time for looking after the piano's other needs. These include many minor repairs, such as fixing a broken string or hammer, refining the action regulation (touch), or voicing (tone quality), action lubrication, adjusting the pedals, etc., if these things can be completed in a reasonable period of time. I plan roughly an hour for the tuning itself, and another half hour or so for these services. In situations where a piano has not been tuned for an extended period of time, the tuning and pitch alteration alone may take up the entire duration of the appointment.

$150 plus sales tax.

  • Concert Quality Tuning

  • Precision Action Regulation

  • Full Dynamic Range Voicing

  • Action Rebuilding

  • Restringing

  • Purchase Consultations

Purchasing a piano?

Pianos are an extremely complex instrument. It is uncommon when both the buyer and the seller are familiar with the actual functionality and structural integrity of the instrument. I can offer a very thorough inspection to ensure we have a complete understanding of the current condition of the piano. I will send an emailed report which includes details of the piano's condition, including suggested repairs or service work. While I won't do an official appraisal of the piano's value, I can estimate it's current value so that the buyer can make a well-informed decision as to whether or not to make a purchase.

$75 plus sales tax.

Secondary services (Contact me for specifics)

  • Certified Steinway Spirio Technician

  • Fender Rhodes Tuning and Repair

  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano Repair


Please don't hesitate to email or text me if you have any questions.